What is CPATH?


Computer & Information Science Engineering Pathways to Revitalized Undergraduate Computing Education (CPATH) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funding opportunity that challenges the academic community to identify and define the core computing concepts, methods, technologies and tools to be integrated into promising new undergraduate education models. CPATH projects empower students to develop deep Computational Thinking (CT) competencies that can be applied to a broad range of societal challenges and opportunities. CPATH projects, through rigorous evaluation, provide detailed performance feedback to administrators, faculty, teachers, students and other stakeholders. Program Goals include: contributing to the development of a globally competitive U.S. workforce with CT competencies; increasing the number of students developing CT competencies by infusing CT learning opportunities into undergraduate education in computer and information science and engineering, and in other fields of study; and demonstrating transformative replicable CT-focused undergraduate education models. 

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