Intellectual Merit

Computational thinking has become the essential competency for the workforce of the future. Today, the world of information technology is changing so fast that any isolated effort of computational curriculum update is likely to become obsolete almost as soon as it is completed. Therefore, we the intellectual merit of this Conceptual Development and Planning project in envisioning the redesign of City Tech’s curriculum and transformation of its organizational and technology infrastructure as:
*Continuous instead of episodic and short-lived;
*Systemic instead of local and isolated; and
*Based on the tenets of computational thinking.

To achieve this we propose a multi-level approach which will ensure that no level of organizational infrastructure has been missed and that all the participants (administration, faculty, staff, students and wider community) are engaged and all elements of the system are mutually reinforcing. An important part of this process will be development of Key Indicators of computational thinking-the metrics that can be used to assess the progress of transformational effort, and course and program outcomes. These will also serve as the basis of developing Computational Thinking Literacy in the college core. A set of the exemplary interdisciplinary case studies, instruction prototypes and curriculum units will be developed by the department groups and disseminated to the college and wider community.


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